Video and Audio Conferencing

"Visual and Audio Communication made Simple"


Desk Top and Room based audio conferencing solutions are available from Polycom™ ClearOne, and Revolabs.


Video conferencing saves time and money by effectively communicating with satellite offices, clients, suppliers and people on the move. Video conferencing systems can be room integrated solutions, mobile or desktop systems.

Financing your investment in Video conferencing is assisted by the financial savings made in reduced fuel bills, reduced vehicle and transportation cost, hotels, meals, reduced travel insurance cost, labour cost (time spent travelling can be used for other tasks), production cost in time critical decision making. Meetings can be held with different locations on the same day and can involve multiple sites (Multipoint Video), and can share data via PC and 3 ‘D’ Visualisation with the use of Visualisers.

Brands such as Polycom™, Lifesize®, Cisco (Tandberg), Radvision® offer a multitude of solutions for different needs.

Well deployed Video conferencing should be as easy as picking the up the phone.l

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