Total Room Solutions

"If you can imagine it, we can create it"

Presenting Solutions Ltd provide ‘Total Room Solutions’ for environments requiring Audio Visual,
Presentation and Communication display systems, from floor to ceiling and in between. The following are
examples, but not limited to, these kinds of areas:

    General and Directors offices
    Conference and Meeting rooms
    Training rooms
    Reception area’s
    Lecture theatres
    Command and Control Rooms
    Educational establishments
    Public spaces
    Retail environments
    Canteen and Restaurant
    Religious Buildings

By meeting with clients and listening to what they expect from their working environment, we can offer inspiration, discuss conceptual designs and present solutions that meet their needs. We can provide the furnishing, tables, desks, seating, audio visual systems, videoconferencing, digital signage, partitioning and more besides. We take a ‘Can do’ attitude to projects which makes us a great ‘One-Stop Shop” offering a single point of contact, allowing you to get on with your business and letting us get on with ours.

Call 01257 414155 to arrange a consultation appointment.