System Integration and Control Systems

"Simplifying systems by staying in control"

Simplify AV system and room environment control with the use of AMX®, Crestron and RTI, Kramer and Extron control systems. No need to worry about finding all the remote controls, have they got batteries in, which one do I use now?

With the use of multiple inputs sources, differing signal types, the convergence of technology, electric screens, projector lifts and the need for environmental control such as lights, blinds and air conditioning, AMX®, Crestron, RTI®, Kramer and Extron control systems can offer seamless integration of individual components facilitating ease of use.

We can deploy a range of control systems from a single gang push button wall plate, to fully integrated and programmed ‘One Touch’ LCD panel control systems with the options for iPad and KNX integration.

Control System Manufacturers include:

    Kramer Electronics

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