Digital Signage

"Dynamic information made possible"

Samsung MagicInfo and Net Display Digital Signage software are effective and dynamic ways to deploy
and display real time digital messages on either a single display screen, a video wall or over a network
of screens in multiple locations or sites.

Display staff messages, Reception Information, Meet and Greet Messages, Entertainment, Call Centre Statistics,
Production Figures, Retail Advertising, Public Space Information and Way Finding. Integration of off air or satellite TV,
Ticker Tapes, RSS feeds such as weather and local traffic information, graphics and images are all possible with
Digital Signage Systems.

Messages can be created by trained staff, or using our professional graphics service.

    Instant Dynamic Messages
    Integration of Graphics, Images, Video and RSS Feeds
    Display Real Time Information
    Advertise, Educate or Inform
    Schedule pre determined times, days and months in advance
    Single screen, Multiple Screens or Multiple Locations
    Kiosk style free standing units available

Dynamic Digital Signage means simply:

Display what you want, where you want, when you want

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